Zendo Stereo Music Meditation

About this Event Take a musical deep dive, a musical journey that is both musical meditation and psychedelic experience, bending time and inner space to explore your hidden potential. Each Zendo Stereo is a one of a kind experience, conceived and performed by Leo Canneto, using music to explore sonic landscapes that lead to deeper … Read moreZendo Stereo Music Meditation

Holotropic Breathwork Workshop

This is an amazing opportunity to experience the benefits of breathwork (participants report that through Holotropic Breathwork they have felt relief from stress and anxiety, improved their romantic and family relationships, gotten insight into current issues in their life purpose, cleared energetic blocks out of their bodies, etc) with a close friend, romantic partner or … Read moreHolotropic Breathwork Workshop

Korean Shamanic Ceremony

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition practiced by people all around the world. The word “shaman” originates from the Tungus people in Siberia and refers to the spiritual and ceremonial leaders among indigenous cultures worldwide. In today’s society, there is a diversity of shamanic practices due to globalization and modernization. Helena will lead a shamanic … Read moreKorean Shamanic Ceremony