Christian Traditions of Awakening and Policing “Spiritual Emergence” [ONLINE]

by Psychedelics, Madness, and Awakening // Panelists Thomas Cattoi ‘Pranayana on Athos? Heightened states in hesychastic practice and the theological policing of spiritual emergency in the Philokalia’ Timmy Davis ‘Mysticism as Modus Loquendi – the radical potential of speaking about the divine‘ Jim Lawrence and Colin Amato ‘Following Swedenborgian Tracks in and out of the Good Friday … Read moreChristian Traditions of Awakening and Policing “Spiritual Emergence” [ONLINE]

Know Thyself: Psychedelics & Spirituality [ONLINE]

by Menla // Nearly every culture throughout history has used naturally occurring psychoactive compounds for spiritual exploration, and entheogenic experiences have scientifically documented long-term benefits, including greater satisfaction with life, improved social relationships, and a deeper connection with nature. Psychedelics allow us a temporary glimpse beyond the curtain of our ordinary perceptions, allowing for transpersonal … Read moreKnow Thyself: Psychedelics & Spirituality [ONLINE]

Psychedelics, Consciousness and Reality [ONLINE]

by The Psychedelic Society (UK) // Can psychedelic experiences provide insight into the nature of consciousness and reality? Throughout human history, psychedelic substances have impacted how we think about consciousness and the nature of reality.  This class of substances can produce profound visionary experiences but also mystical experiences, characterised by profound changes in perspective rather … Read morePsychedelics, Consciousness and Reality [ONLINE]

On Psychedelics and Spirituality [ONLINE]

On Psychedelics and Spirituality: A Live Online Conversation with Francoise Bourzat and Danielle Herrera About this Event As psychedelics continue to move into the mainstream, more people are exploring their use for healing through spiritual transformation. Throughout human history the primary use of psychedelics has been for spiritual practices. Indigenous cultures continue to use plant … Read moreOn Psychedelics and Spirituality [ONLINE]