American Trip: UK Book Launch [ONLINE]

by The Psychedelic Society (UK) How historical, social, and cultural forces shaped the psychedelic experience in midcentury America, from CIA LSD experiments to the Harvard Psilocybin Project American Trip presents a timely and invaluable guide to the crucial lessons that twentieth-century psychedelic history provides for the current psychedelic renaissance, and to using set and setting … Read moreAmerican Trip: UK Book Launch [ONLINE]

Therapy with Substance [ONLINE]

Therapy with Substance: in Conversation with Friederike Meckel Fischer by The Psychedelic Society (UK) Prepare to be taken on an incredible journey through some of the insights that Friederike has uncovered during her long and colourful career. She will reveal to us lessons she has learnt along the way through her practice as a psychotherapist, … Read moreTherapy with Substance [ONLINE]

Psychotherapy with Psychedelics for Clinicians [ONLINE]

Eligibility This small scale practical workshop is specifically designed for current licensed psychedelic-assisted psychotherapists. Capacity is limited to 30 participants. Description This intimate engaging workshop is designed for current and future psychedelic-assisted therapists. The workshop will provide a short outline of the development of the use of psychedelics in psychotherapy, with a focus on psychological … Read morePsychotherapy with Psychedelics for Clinicians [ONLINE]

LEARY DAY: A Cyberdelic Celebration Honoring Timothy Leary’s 100th Birthday [ONLINE]

Timothy Leary was born 100 years ago on 10/22/1920. This event establishes a new holiday to celebrate the psychedelic experience: LEARY DAY About this Event A VIRTUAL BE-IN You are invited to join us on this momentous occasion. Sign up here to turn on and tune in – October 22nd, Noon-Midnight (Pacific Time) You will … Read moreLEARY DAY: A Cyberdelic Celebration Honoring Timothy Leary’s 100th Birthday [ONLINE]

Psychedelics as Medicine [ONLINE]

Join Greens MP Cate Faehrmann for a discussion on the emerging field of psychedelic-assisted therapy. About this Event The emerging field of psychedelic-assisted therapy is showing breakthrough results for treatment-resistant mental disorders. Psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, MDMA and Ketamine are just some of the drugs being used to successfully treat anxiety, depression, PTSD and addiction. At … Read morePsychedelics as Medicine [ONLINE]

Psychedelic Psychotherapy for the Trauma of Life-Threatening Illnesses [ONLINE]

In this talk, Dr. Phil Wolfson explores psychedelic psychotherapy for illness-related trauma. Recognizing the too-often traumatic impact of life-threatening illness on emotions, spirit, and community is a worldwide obligation. We are creating millions of survivors with medicine’s successes, yet we do not serve humans as they deserve. COVID-19 is amplifying the numbers and the trauma. PTSD … Read morePsychedelic Psychotherapy for the Trauma of Life-Threatening Illnesses [ONLINE]