Tantra and the Psychedelics of Sex

Join us for an enlivening evening exploring the connections between psychedelics and sex that will shed light on how psychedelic use may enhance our understanding of sacred sex and how practicing tantra can lead to psychedelic states. Learn about your body’s innate ability to create ecstatic levels of ongoing bliss, and receive guidelines for traveling … Read moreTantra and the Psychedelics of Sex

Decriminalize CA: Los Angeles County Strategy Meeting

AGENDA: 1. 30 Second Introductions 2. California Strategy 3. Los Angeles County Strategy You must sign up as a Volunteer to get access to the meetings: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSePO8PaKsfpRzHUK4oUla_GJ6ddRN1D3afSguTwU_Y5qJiFGw/viewform We always go to eat somewhere close after the meeting so keep that in mind when planning dinner.