Religion & Ecology Summit: Indigenous Lifeways, Cosmologies & Ecology [ONLINE]

by CIIS // 2021 Religion & Ecology Summit -Indigenous Lifeways, Cosmologies & Ecology: Connecting to the Past, Restor(y)ing the Present and Future About this Event In partnership with local advisors and with the support of Fetzer Institute, Kalliopeia Foundation, and other generous donors, the graduate program of Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion at the California Institute of … Read moreReligion & Ecology Summit: Indigenous Lifeways, Cosmologies & Ecology [ONLINE]

Ripples of Change: Symbiosis Symposium [ONLINE]

A response to the need for a social and environmental revolution led by globally recognized thought leaders including ethnopharmacologist Dr. Dennis McKenna, community changemakers, and curious optimists like you. Join our enthusiastic community for a two-day interactive encounter on a critically timely topic: Symbiosis. The McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy presents the first annual “Ripples of Change: … Read moreRipples of Change: Symbiosis Symposium [ONLINE]