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A Radical New Somatic Approach to Psychedelic Psychotherapy [ONLINE]

February 2 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

by Mind Medicine Australia


Join this FREE, 60-minute online webinar to gain access to insights and learn about ground-breaking treatments to chronic mental health conditions.

The proposed presentation is on the psychobiological brain states that underpin the shift in consciousness induced by psychedelic substances. In particular, we cite the entropic brain model and the work of Robin Carhart-Harris who proposes dual modes of human consciousness that correspond to the presence and absence of default mode network activity. We tie this research to our clinical experience and discuss a new speculative model for psychedelic psychotherapy that targets homeostatic autonomic self correcting mechanisms that are potentiated by the psychedelic state. Our proposal is that psychedelic consciousness and the mammalian brain networks that underpin it give rise to a somatic processing pathway that is preferentially taken by psychedelic processes, and which has an autonomic, bottom-up capacity to address stress and PTSD symptoms more effectively than traditional top down cognitive, declarative forms of therapy. We further propose that a useful frontier in the psychedelic therapy movement involves developing psychotherapies that operate inside of the non-rational, non-linear, frequently non-verbal, and non-ordinary states of consciousness that are indicative of the psychedelic state.

Learning objectives:

To understand the neurological shifts in brain activity that is induced by psychedelic substances.

To understand the defense cascade threat response map & autonomic processing pathway that activates during psychedelic consciousness

To understand non-traditional somatic interventions designed to target innate psychobiological self correction

Following the presentation there will be a Q & A panel with Saj Razvi (USA), Steven Elfrink (USA) and Tania de Jong AM. This will be an opportunity to engage in a discussion about psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies for mental illness broadly, and what Mind Medicine Australia and other local organisations are doing here in Australia.