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Models of Transformation/Using Psychedelics for Psychological & Spiritual Growth [ONLINE]

March 31 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

by Portland Psychedelic Society



PPS is pleased to have Jane Latimer, MA back with us for a 2 part series. The 2nd event will be on 4/30/21. Both events will be 2 hours in length.

Psychedelics are one of many powerful agents used for healing and the evolution of mind & spirit.

Traditionally plant medicines have been incorporated within the context of specific cultures & cosmologies. Westerners traveling to Peru, for example, to experience Ayahuasca, are often shocked & unable to integrate or assimilate their experiences upon returning. Because we don’t live within the structure & cosmological system of the Ayahuascan Shaman & are dealing with issues that indigenous culture has no awareness of, we have to draw upon our knowledge and wisdom to address the dissociation, depression, anxiety & loneliness almost unheard of by these indigenous peoples. When in Peru I asked the Shaman administering to our group this question: Does your culture deal with the kind of trauma our group is experiencing? He looked at me & said “No, we are dealing with the trauma you have brought to us.”

Since then I’ve taken my education & experience as a trauma therapist & spiritual teacher & combined what I know into a framework that addresses the needs of westerners who are using psychedelics to heal. I have found most people, when given a cosmological system that addresses a psychological as well as a spiritual point of view that makes sense to our Westen minds, can make progress in a way that they have not been able to do before.

It is my belief that the model of transformation we choose must be a major part of the skill set we bring towards our work with psychedelic medicine.”

This presentation: I will review a variety of models of transformation that I use with my clients & teach within my school, PsyAlchemy. Each of these models has a unique purpose & benefit for the individual. Each one of them addresses a specific situation the individual is working through & each presents a method of working that can help us make sense of where we are & wish to go. Understanding where we are & what we need is an important part of choosing a Model of Transformation. The Model we use will impact the quality of our journey & our results.

Within the Broad Context of Alchemy & Spiritual Emergence we will look at the following:

Psychological: Internal Family Systems, Transpersonal (Perinatal & Archetypal), Relational (Polyvagal & Attachment) & Somatic (Trauma in the Autonomic Nervous System)

Shamanic: Spirit & Elemental Allies, Upper/Lower & Middle Worlds, Soul loss & Retrieval, Cleansing & Purification

Metaphysical: Non-Dual, Essence, Higher Mind, True Nature, True and False Ego; Vibrational/Energetic healing,

Dimensional: Parallel Lives, Quantum Consciousness, Past Lives & Life Between Lives.

Jane Latimer, MA is a psychedelic integration specialist with 40+ years working with individuals with developmental trauma. Her program PsyAlchemy: Developing Your Soul Seed is now available for individuals interested in pursuing the use of psychedelics for spiritual, personal and professional development. Through her educational programs, she trains individuals and therapists in best use practices for healing personal & collective trauma. She teaches an array of Transformational Models that when combined with transpersonal states & psychedelics can potentiate healing and spiritual collective evolution. She is a Soul Guide, Psychotherapist & Trauma Specialist utilizing non-ordinary states as potent catalysts of change. She works with groups, couples & individuals. She can be reached at www.janelatimer.com. Email her at [masked]. If you are interested in the next PsyAlchemy Start Date: May 2021, ask for an Application in the Subject Head. Please do NOT use the word “Psychedelic” or the names of any medicines in the subject or text of your email. I do not engage in any illegal activity.


March 31
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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