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A Compassionate Approach to Ending the War on Drugs [ONLINE]

December 16, 2020 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

by Portland Psychedelic Society


Panel discussion on the history & impacts of the “War on Drugs”. Highlighting new approaches toward more compassionate drug policies.

About this Event

Expanding Minds is a new discussion series presented by the Portland Psychedelic Society (PPS) bringing together panels of experts and activists working to end the failed “War on Drugs”. Presented by PPS board of directors led by Peggy Parks and moderated by Max Kelemen.

We will discuss the history and evolution of America’s laws towards certain psychoactive substances, the enforcement and impact on society due to the prohibition of those substances, and the promising efforts being made to put an end to these harmful policies.


Welcome our first panel members in our first discussion “A Compassionate Approach to Ending the War on Drugs”:

Abhi Dewan

Student and Federal Liaison, U.S. Policy at SSDP: Students for Sensible Drug Policy George Washington University Chapter (Washington, D.C.) Dewan first became involved in advocacy as a Student Ambassador, advocating for educational reform throughout Texas. After his transition to The George Washington University in Washington, DC, he founded a chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy at his school, initiating educational and advocacy campaigns concerning the War on Drugs, criminal justice reform, and harm reduction.

Sanho Tree

Project Director, Drug Policy – Institute of Policy Studies (Washington, D.C.) Tree is a Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and has been Director of its Drug Policy Project since 1998. A former military and diplomatic historian, his current work encompasses the reform of both international and domestic drug policies by promoting alternatives to the failed prohibitionist model. See more in bio.


Diane Goldstein

Lieutenant Redondo Beach Police Department (Retired)Las Vegas, NV

Executive Board Chair – Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP)

(formerly Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) Lt. Goldstein coordinated probation and parole searches with several agencies and is a specialist in juvenile crime prevention, gang intervention, and a recognized leader in crisis management. Read more in bio.


Anthony Johnson

Drug Reform Advocate, Chief Petitioner for Measures 91 (Legalize Cannabis) & 110 (Decriminalize Drug Possession) in Oregon.

Anthony Johnson, a former criminal defense attorney and criminal justice reform advocate, has worked on successful reform campaigns in multiple states, starting back in 2003. He served as chief petitioner and spokesperson for the Oregon Measure 110 campaign that decriminalized personal possession of drugs with over 58% of the vote this past November 3rd. He was chief petitioner and director of the Vote Yes on 91 PAC that was responsible for the Measure 91 cannabis legalization campaign that passed in 2014 with over 56% of the vote. Today, as director of New Approach Oregon, he is working to effectively implement Oregon’s landmark drug policy reform initiatives.




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